The Mushroom of Immortality

Without further ado, our reishi kits are ready for purchase, with more coming every week.

Reishi mushrooms (scientific name Ganoderma Lucidum) are a type of polypore mushroom belonging to the Ganoderma genus (Ganoderma means “bright skin” in Greek) with no gills under their cap.  

Reishi contain far more nutrients than ordinary mushrooms, and are believed to increase longevity, hence: “mushroom of immortality."

In the wild, these mushrooms are extremely rare in North America.  With a tough, leathery exterior, they are typically consumed as a tincture, boiled to make a tea, or dehydrated and crushed into powder which can be consumed in capsules. 

Aesthetically, the sculptural quality of reishi is sought after as an interesting conversation piece.  

Our kits are made with vigorous cultures that we maintain in our facility, and we ship them to you once the spawn has fully colonized the substrate block (made with hardwood sawdust).  Unlike our other kits, these blocks take up to four months to grow into a full-sized mushroom to be consumed or displayed.  Also unlike our other kits, the Reishi block can simply be left alone, out of the sun, in a room without great temperature fluctuations (17-24 degrees C), for the length of its incubation.  

You will be amazed and delighted to watch this immortal mushroom grow.  Our instruction sheet includes instructions on how to grow them into antlers, or alternately into caps as seen in the wild.  

For more information and to purchase your reishi kit, hop on over to our shop.

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