Consultation / Training

** COVID Update: We are resuming tours and on-site consultation/training, just in smaller groups and with safety protocols in place (proof of vaccination; masks required; hand sanitizer provided; no more than four people in the building at a time).


Do you Need Consultation?

     We are frequently asked about how to start your own mushroom farm or farm-market-based business.  There are two important steps to getting started:

  1. Understand how to assess your market.

     Many people start their own mushroom farm or other farm-based business because they are passionate and excited by the idea of growing food.  While that is a noble idea, we have seen that you can be the best grower with the best yields and most expensive setup and still fail if you didn’t analyze your market.  We can help.

  1. Get the training you need to launch your new business.

     Many of us believe that YouTube can teach us everything we need to know about growing mushrooms and starting a business.  Admittedly, we've accessed it ourselves at times over the last 15 years! Or we think that we can figure out all the details about launching a business on our own.  It simply isn’t that easy and tends to cost way more in the long-run; mistakes in mushroom-growing tend to have rather high price-tags.  

Whether you use our consultation services or not, we highly recommend that you obtain training from an experienced grower who has created a financially successful model.

Pricing and Consulting Options (All prices are in CAD)

FREE FIRST CALL -  We use this call to assess your needs, get to know each other, and determine if I can assist you effectively so you don’t waste valuable time and money.  The first call will be at most a 30 minute consultation. 

Hourly: By phone, video conference, or in-person

$150/hr + HST


$600 for 5 hours (+HST)

3-hour tour/on-site consultation: $350 + HST

A personal tour of the mushroom facility, including a brief overview and hands-on look at the mushroom-growing process, and a sit-down, in-depth discussion and planning of your goals, timelines, and personalized recommendations.

Intensive 2-day hands-on workshop: $1,900 + HST


Learn by doing: experience every step of our process from start to finish, with plenty of time to ask questions and take notes.  Includes a detailed planning session for your own needs, and can be adjusted for many scenarios.

Darin’s Experience

Darin has been growing commercially for 16 years, and has a wide range of experience with varied methods of growing vegetables, fruits, and fungi.  He has trained with Willow Mountain Mushrooms, as well as Paul Stamets of Fungi Perfecti. 

Darin created and profitably ran Good Life Farms hydroponic and mushroom farm in Indiana for over a decade.  He sold this company in 2017 and moved back home to Canada where he started his current company, The Fungi Connection (formerly Kelly's Gourmet Mushrooms). 

Darin has participated in 14 farmers markets and supplied more than 40 restaurants, distributors, and grocery stores.  He has designed and built 3 mushroom operations. 

His successes over the years have been noted in many magazines, news articles, and on radio shows including NPR, Edible Ottawa (Nov 2021), and John Deere Magazine (March 2020). 

His current operation has a weekly maximum production of 800lbs (360kgs) of fresh mushrooms and 250 at-home grow kits.  He also produces plug spawn for inoculating logs and grain spawn supplies for mushroom farmers. 


Areas of Mushroom Consultation

  • Market Analysis
  • Sourcing Substrate / lab / growing supplies
  • Substrate Sterilization Methods
  • Substrate Recipes
  • Inoculation Procedures
  • Incubation Procedures
  • Fruiting Procedures
  • Managing Environmental Conditions
  • Lab, Incubation, Grow-Room, and Cooler Setup and Design
  • Proper Sterile Procedures
  • Flow Hood Setup
  • Mushroom Pricing
  • Generating Spawn
  • Tissue Cultures
  • Farmer’s Markets Ins and Outs
  • Marketing to Restaurants / Grocers
  • Online Marketing
  • Strain Selection
  • How to cycle crops
  • Working with Distributors
  • Agri-tourism
  • ...and more

Other Areas of Experience

  • Greenhouse design and setup
  • Hydroponic Growing – NFT Technique
  • Plasticulture Field Methods


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