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  • How do I harvest my mushrooms?
    Harvesting is best done by simply breaking the fruit off at its base, leaving no mushroom debris behind. This means that the hardwood substrate will be exposed, and fresh mushrooms can begin to grow. If any debris is left behind, it can become moldy and prevent new growth.
  • Can I wait to start my kit once I get it? How long can I wait?
    Most of our grow kits must be started within three weeks of receipt. Beyond that, the mycelium begins trying to fruit inside the grow bag, which can result in smaller yields or poorly-formed mushroom bodies. In the case of blue oyster and lion's mane kits, you can extend this a bit by refrigerating your kit, which will help it to stay dormant a bit longer. Pink kits cannot be refrigerated. If you are hoping to purchase as a gift, please make a note on your order so that we can be sure to ship a kit that will be ready at the appropriate time.
  • What if I see mushrooms forming under the surface of the plastic, where I have not cut holes?
    Sometimes, the mycelium begins pinning under the plastic, especially after your first fruiting has been harvested. In most cases, you can just make a hole where the new pins are starting, and allow them to grow.
  • What is the mushroom block made of?
    Because these mushrooms grow naturally in the forest, usually on decomposing stumps or logs (and sometimes on living trees), our blocks are made of hardwood sawdust, mixed with water and usually a supplement such as wheat bran or soybean husks, which gives the mycelium all the nutrition it needs to grow and thrive. We then inoculate the blocks with myceliated millet (grain) and allow them to incubate for several days or weeks, until the mycelium has almost completely colonized the sawdust mixture. It is at this point that a hole can be poked in the bag, exposing the mycelium to oxygen, which will trigger it to begin fruiting.
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