Wine cap time!

Wine Cap mushrooms, aka Garden Giants or King Stropharia, are great mushrooms for the beginner grower, and work well in outdoor garden beds.

Unlike our indoor grow kits, the Wine Cap kit includes fully-incubated sawdust that can be transplanted into straw or hardwood chips in your garden beds.  The sawdust can be mulched around fruit trees, garden pathways, and perennial plants.

Each kit is approx. 5lb (2kg) of myceliated sawdust, which can inoculate an area approx 1m x 1m by 12cm deep.  As the original area becomes colonized, clumps can be removed to other garden areas.  

Supplies are limited.  Please order now for your spring planting!

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  • Hello & Happy Spring
    I’m just wondering if you will be selling the wine cap kits again this year?
    Thank you!


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