Christmas and holiday ordering for grow kits

Hi Mushroom Lovers!

We are getting lots of questions about ordering kits in time for Christmas.

Please know that kits cannot be held dormant for more than about three weeks; therefore if you receive a kit prior to December 4, it will likely begin fruiting prematurely and won’t produce as nicely for your gift recipient!

Lions mane and blue oyster kits CAN be refrigerated, which can lengthen this dormancy, but the pink kits cannot be refrigerated without potential damage to the mycelium.

If you would like to place your order, but want to have it shipped as a Christmas gift, please indicate that in the notes section on our ordering page.  Then we will know not to ship until December 4.

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Thanks for your understanding!




  • Hi Don! Thank you for your message. Sorry for my delay in responding! We are open for visits, but due to COVID, we are holding off on tours until after the lockdown is lifted. We do allow curbside pickup of fresh mushrooms and DIY kits. Please keep an eye on the site, and we will try to provide updates as the situation changes. You can also call anytime at (613) 532-6025 to check on the status.

    All our best! Deb and Darin

  • I am 76 and my wife has dementia.I was wondering if we could come to your place of business and see what goes on there and maybe take home a diy kit.We live near Lindsay Ontario so it would be quite a drive so we would have to know for sure that we could visit.Any info you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

    Don Arsenault

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